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Game News
Shockwave Innovations
(Alliance: Shockwave Sovereign Industries)

Shockwave Innovations is looking for LS/WH PvPers, WH pilots, mission runners and industrialists.

SWI is a laid-back, mature corp with a C4 WH and a long history. We believe in the real driving force of the universe; ISK! We enjoy peaceful, profitable relations with other corporations and alliances. But make no mistake - we do know how to show our teeth when necessary.

What SWI is looking for:
- LS/WH PvPers who are interested in small gang roams.
- Experienced WH pilots.
- Mission runners.
- Industrialists.

What SWI can offer you:
- Regular PvP operations. [NBSI]
- PvP training.
- C4 WH (Wolf-Rayet) with C2 static.
- Regular WH operations. (C4/C2 sleeper sites, ABC ore mining, gas harvesting.)
- WH manufacturing possibilities.
- Great WH PI opportunities.
- WH pilot training.
- Several weekly hisec mining operations. (Orca supported fleet.)
- Regular PvE operations. (Caldari Navy, Corporate Police Force.)
- Access to a hisec POS for manufacturing/invention/reactions.
- Ventrilo and Mumble servers available.
- A friendly environment and mature corp leaders who understand that real life comes first.

* Characters must be at least 1 month old.
* Partial API. (Locations; Character Info; Skillqueue; SkillInTraining; Standings. Partial API required for each character joining SWI.)
* Minimum security status: -1.5
* Website registration. (Apply in-game first!)
* For WH access there is an additional 2 week clearance period, and a full account API is required.

For applications and more info join the SWI_Recruitment channel in-game.
Corporation News

Class 4, Wolf-Rayet Wormhole FULLY Operational

GeneralShogun, Aug 1, 12 12:01 AM.
Our large POS is fully active and fully defended!  Multiple Hangars, Ship Maintenance Arrays and an Intensive Mining Array are at members disposal!  In addition, full operations in our C4 and static C2 have been underway for awhile now.

Contact an Officer if you are interested in moving from Highsec to Wormhole living!
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